Membership and Registration

SLC Aquadot is a club affilicated with Swimming NSW and is a member of the Metro South East Association (MetSEA).

The club is a not-for-profit club, with all funds raised through membership, carnivals and fund raising, being reinvested back into the club for the benefit of it's members.

Why join a Swimming NSW club?

By being a member of a local swimming club in NSW, you are now part of a team that provides swimmers with an enjoyable, safe and healthy environment to develop swimming skills and promote an active lifestyle.

Swimming clubs generate a lot of community support throughout Australia and encourage Australians to get active and participate in local sport. Australia is known world-wide for our outstanding swimming performances in Olympic and Commonwealth Games and World Swimming championship arenas.
So as part of the Swimming NSW team you have the opportunity to provide your kids the environment to encourage and develop the skills of Australians’ swimming stars of the future just have a look below;

Swimmers have the opportunity to:

Non-Swimmers have the opportunity to:

Club Sponsors

Krystol Group
Sutherland Leisure Centre