Information for New Swimmers interested in competing in swim carnivals

Carnival Hierarchy Structure –

Local carnivals – a great introduction to competitive swimming

Metsea carnivals – Regional carnivals for South Eastern Sydney area only

Metro’s – (Metropolitan Championships) For Sydney Metropolitan swimmers only (there is a country equivalent for country kids only) (July and December each year)

State Age – State qualifying for a State wide Carnival (August and January each year)

National Age – National Carnival held in April each year.

NSW Open – All age meet with harder qualifying times. 

As your child progresses through the stages of carnivals the qualifying times get faster.

For planning your child’s swimming, it’s great to have them participate in local carnivals to start. The local “Development meets” have no qualifying times so a great place to start competing outside of the usual swim club. Once they gain times and confidence here, check the Metsea qualifying times to see if you qualify to swim at this level.  Then after achieving Metsea qualifying times, help them aim at the Metro times, then Metro to State, then National.  This takes time.  Remember, they are swimming against their own time.

For information about upcoming carnivals you can look at our website where we will advertise upcoming meets and targeted meets in our news section.

Another website which provides information regarding upcoming carnivals in our area is the METSEA website. This stands for Metropolitan South East Area – which Aquadot belongs to. Their website is

You can attend almost any carnival anywhere in NSW (and other States).  Swimming NSW also have a calendar which details upcoming meets across NSW

Look up this link:

Then look up the Club/Area Event & training Courses.

If you see a carnival anywhere in NSW that you wish to attend in the list, entries are usually online and details should be on the program. We can assist you in putting in your entries for any carnival if needed. 

The link below also details the upcoming Swimming NSW Carnivals including Metropolitan and State Championships. You can have a look at the qualifying times you need to qualify for the various carnivals by clicking the attached link and selecting the relevant meet


So to summarise - helpful websites to find out about carnivals -

AQUADOT -       

NSW Swimming -

Metsea -            


Many clubs are utilising the website AnotherPB for their online entries when running carnivals. All new members wishing to compete at carnivals are advised to register (select the free registration option) to set up a user id/password to enable them to enter meets that utilise this website to manage their entries. Go to -

We were all new once so please ask a member of the committee any questions you need to – chances are we all asked the same questions when our kids started!


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