SLC Aquadot Swim Team


2020/2021 Registration Season NOW OPEN



Welcome to the 2020/2021 swimming season where you will hopefully be doing a lot more swimming with your classy team mates for the classiest club, with the classiest coaches than you did last season!


2020/2021 CHANGES

This 2020/2021 season sees some significant changes to registrations from last year. The main one being that due to COVID-19 and the financial impact it has had on so many of our swimmers & their families, the unanimous decision was made by the Committee to drastically reduce the non-compulsory club component of the registration fee for this year. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done to reduce the compulsory component however, the Committee was unanimous in its belief that no swimmer should miss the opportunity to swim for their Club due to financial constraints.



For the 2020/2021 season we have the following membership products available:

SWIMMER 8 & UNDER – 2019/20


SWIMMER 9 & OVER – 2019/20


NON-SWIMMER – 2019-2020


COACH 2020/2021

These renewals have been processed - no action required.

LIFE MEMBER – 2020/2021

These renewals have been processed - no action required.


Please note that due to the significant reduction in this season’s club component, partnered with the inability to reduce the compulsory component, there will be no multiple swimmer family discount as in previous years.



Further, now that SwimCentral has the capability and, to hopefully further assist in reducing the cost to swimmers & their families, this year ActiveKids vouchers can be used towards the cost of membership fees (instructions on how to redeem these appear on Page 5 of the instructions attached. You can also continue to redeem your ActiveKids vouchers through Sutherland Leisure Centre (“SLC”) for learn to swim/squad fees once monthly direct debit payments recommence. Sutherland Shire Leisure Centre is an approved NSW Government Active Kids provider. Please either drop a paper copy to SLC reception or send via email to suthleisure@ssc.nsw.gov.au. For more info:- https://bit.ly/2kVmUwS


Below are “How to” documents to assist you with registration using SwimCentral.  Simply click on this link https://swimcentral.swimming.org.au/, sign in and refer to the applicable document/s.


How to join SwimCentral asa brand new member.


How to purchase amembership product


How to add a new member toa family group


How to update member details


How to transfer clubs?




  • Put “SLC Aquadot” in the Memberships search bar. This will refine the list of only display SLC Aquadot’s Memberships.
  • Please DO NOT create a new profile if you or your swimmer are already registered with SwimCentral. This will only create a duplicate profile and cause significant future conflict issues.
  • Current swimmers/club members remain financial until Wednesday 30 September 2020.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or experience any problems.


Kind regards,

Carol Cox

SLC Aquadot Registrar