Development Squads  

Development Squads are the next levels up from the Splashers learn to swim program. The development squad aims to improve the technique and fitness of the swimmer and is structured as follows:


Children progress from the learn-to-swim program increasing stamina and fitness. Squad etiquette and freestyle and backstroke stroke technique are taught. The breaststroke kick is introduced. Sessions are 45 minutes.


Freestyle and backstroke skills are improved and distances increased. Stamina & fitness levels are increased with the introduction of the complete breaststroke. The butterfly kick is introduced. Sessions are 45 minutes.


Butterfly is taught as a complete stroke. Swim distances are up to two kilometres in an hour with an emphasis on stroke technique. Programs for this squad have set times and aerobic levels. Sessions are 60 minutes.


This squad is for the Dolphins with stronger swimming stamina and is designed to increase endurance. Sessions are 60 minutes.


This program is for teenagers who want to improve their fitness level for water polo, triathlon racing, surfing, lifesaving competition and general swimming. Cross training is incorporated into this squad with an emphasis on endurance and stamina improvement. This squad covers three to five kilometres in 90 minutes.


This class is targeted at swimmers in the development squads at Frogs level and above.  Classes focus on all four swimming strokes, plus starts, turns and finishes and encourages club swimming.  This is the squad of rising champions.  New swimmers will need to be assessed.  Sessions are 60 minutes.