Club Rules

Club Rules


SLC Aquadot Swim Team Incorporated thanks the management and staff of Sutherland Leisure Centre for all their help throughout the year and the Sutherland Shire Council for their support.



Learn to Swim Classes, Squad training and stroke correction (all strokes) are available at Sutherland Leisure Centre. Please contact the Leisure Centre on 8536 9733 for further information and bookings.

SLC Aquadot Swim Team Inc is the competitive outlet for the Sutherland Leisure Centre swim programs. Any member who leaves the SLC swim programs and joins another swim program will be regarded as having left the SLC Aquadot Swim Team. Exceptions to this rule will include any swimmers invited into the AIS and swimmers who transfer overseas. Any further exceptions to this rule shall be decided by the Management Committee on advice from the Head Coach.



1. Full season Membership from October through to the following September. Summer Season only membership and Winter Season only membership is also available.

2. Swimming NSW has now made all registrations compulsory on-line via the members’ portal found at The only exception to the online registration process is a second claim member. For second claim membership please complete the registration forms linked to the registration tab at and place your completed forms in the race entry box at Sutherland Leisure Centre together with your registration payment.

3. Membership fees each year will be set by the Management Committee. Other fees payable will include Swimming NSW registration, Insurance and MetSEA membership. Please note that these other fees are a 12 month membership and cannot be discounted in line with either Summer or Winter membership only.

4. No refund of membership will be considered.

5. Second claim swimmers will pay the same as full members less registration to Swimming NSW, Insurance and MetSEA.

6. Life Members will be exempt from fees.

7. Qualified Officials are to register on-line in accordance with paragraph 2 above and will be reimbursed by the Club on application.




Club membership fees do not include pool entry. All swimmers must pay pool entry to Sutherland Leisure Centre unless holding a current squad/learn to swim pass. Parents must pay a spectator fee unless on the Club timekeeping roster for that night in which case they may enter free of charge provided they mark their name off against the Club Roster at the pool entry desk. This spectator fee is compulsory and must be paid. DO NOT argue with the staff at the front desk about payment or whether or not you assist in the running of the Club more than what you are noted on the Club Roster.




1. The marshalling areas are –

Summer – the grassed area at the starting block end of the 50 metre pool

Winter – the end of the grandstand

2. Swimmers will be called ONCE ONLY and advised of their lane number. It is absolutely necessary that you remain close to the marshalling area once your event has been called. Automatic disqualification shall apply to swimmers who fail to take up a starting position when instructed.

3. After you receive your lane number, wait for the check starter to take you to the block in your lane, then stand behind your block and wait for instructions from the referee or starter.

4. At the finish of the race, swimmers must remain in their lane, in the water, until the referee blows a whistle to clear the water.

5. Over the top start (exception Backstroke). Swimmers must remain in the water until the next race has started.

6. Unless acting in an official capacity parents are not to accompany swimmers to either the blocks or to meet swimmers at the finish wall.



1. It is COMPULSORY for parents/guardians to assist in various capacities on club nights, such as

  • Setting up tables and equipment before Club

  • Timekeeping

  • Putting away equipment at end of Club

  • Selling Raffle Tickets

  • Assisting with BBQ


2. In order to ensure the smooth running of Club nights a roster of assisting parents/guardians is produced for each season and published on our website



1. There will be an award presented to all swimmers who attain 100% attendance. This means swimming at Club every Friday night and includes swimming ALL Championship nights.

2. To qualify, swimmers must have swum a minimum of two (2) swims each being of a different stroke per night (or one 400 metre or over event).

3. Where a swimmer is unable to attend due to illness, attendance will only be recorded if a doctor’s certificate is received by any member of the Committee within 14 days of the non attendance.

4. 100% attendance awards will only be awarded to swimmers who have been registered for the entire season.

5. Swimmers may use club approved carnivals to count towards 100% attendance.



1. A Visitor is a person who has never been a member of SLC Aquadot Swim Team Incorporated. Visitor privilege is limited to one season only.

1. Visitors and nonfinancial members and senior swimming members do not qualify for point score or 100% attendance, or any Club awards or subsidies.

2. Visitors are limited to three consecutive nights in any one season only.

3. A swimmer who has been a member of the Club may not swim as a visitor in a subsequent season, unless the swimmer has moved out of the area.



1. Swimmer Levels

  • Level One Swimmers – 25/50 metre events (60/100 metre Individual Medley)

  • Level Two Swimmers – 50/100 metre events (100/200 metre Individual Medley)

  • Level Three (A and B) Swimmers – 50/100/200/400 metre events (all strokes)

2. Swimmers who wish to swim 200 metre races during the season may do so if they have achieved the qualifying times set out below, with the verification of the Club Coach:

  • 100 m Freestyle 1:20:00

  • 100m Breaststroke 1:50:00

  • 100m Backstroke 1:40:00

  • 100m Butterfly 1:40:00

  • 200m Individual Medley 3:05:00

  • 400m Individual Medley or 400m/800m/1500m Freestyle with permission of Club Coach.

3. Level One and Level Two swimmers determined by Individual Coaches and the Club Recorder. Level Three (A and B) swimmers must have achieved one Metro Qualifying time.



1. ONE START RULE WILL APPLY. Any disqualification will still be awarded as a start for point score and attendance purposes, but times will not be recorded.

2. No disqualifications shall apply because of incorrect stoke technique in 25m events, swimmers will be warned only.

3. The Starter will call the swimmers on to the block, or into their starting positions in the water for backstroke events, by whistle and all races will be started by whistle or device.

4. On completion of the race, the swimmers must wait in the water in their lane until all swimmers finish and a whistle is blown to indicate they may leave the pool.

5. Second claim swimmers are NOT eligible for point score or Club Championship awards.

6. Swimmers cannot swim in the same stroke more than once each Club Night.

7. Swimmers may swim additional events if time and space permits. These additional swims will not gain points.  For the purpose of point score the swimmer will only receive points for the 1st and 2nd swim according to that   night's program.

8. No attendance is recorded and no points are awarded on a Friday night unless all compulsory swims are completed, except where the injury illness occurs during or immediately prior to the Club Races and is reported to the Committee after permission is obtained on the advice of the swimmer’s coach not to swim the remaining events or to swim a modified programme. The Committee shall then notify the Club Recorder.

9. Attendance will be recorded where a swimmer does not attend on a Friday night due to a commitment to swim at a Club approved Meet. Automatic exemption is granted for District (MetSEA), Metropolitan, State or National meets.

10. The following point score system applies to each event:

  • 0 points if disqualified in an event

  • 0 points if the event is a time trial (this swim cannot be used for attendance)

  • 1 point for the first swim of the season in each stroke and distance

  • 1 point for each swim being more than 1 second slower than their best time for the event

  • 2 points for each swim equalling best time or being not more than one second slower than best time for the event

  • 3 points for each swim bettering best time by up to one second for the event

  • 4 points for each swim bettering best time by more than one second for the event.

Irrespective of the above only 1 point will be awarded for the first swim of a season in any stroke or distance.

A swimmers best time will be his/her actual best recorded time at Club for the current season.



1. During Club Nights, when we periodically conduct Qualifying Time Trials (QTT), a swimmer must notify the marshal if they wish to attempt a stroke not offered in that night’s Club programme.

2. Time trial swims do not earn points towards the attendance or point score system if that swim or stroke is not offered in that night’s Club programme. In this case a swimmer must complete two other events from that Club night’s programme to qualify for points and attendance.

3. QTT nights are Club nights where we have prior approval from MetSEA to conduct same and an Official Referee is in attendance. The dates of these QTT nights are advertised in the current Club Programme at



1. Season Point Score.  Trophies are awarded for the highest aggregate of points accumulated during the season - 1st, 2nd and 3rd for both boys and girls of each level as referred to in paragraph 1 of Swimmers Level and Distance above.  In addition, the winning boy and girl are presented with a perpetual trophy and a trophy to keep.

2. Other Awards. During the Summer Season Only additional trophies may be awarded at the discretion of the Management Committee. These awards are:



A trophy usually the same as the winning boy and girl point score ‘trophy to keep’ based on the male or female swimmer Under 12 years who has the highest

points total from results at Summer Metros and Summer State Age combined.



Perpetual trophy awarded to the swimmer who has taken the biggest step during the year as a swimmer and increased their competition experience to the highest level.



This award is a perpetual trophy to the highest achievement of any Aquadot swimmer during the previous 12 months.



A perpetual trophy to honour the memory of Sandra Romanis. Sandra was a coach at Aquadot for many years and was a mentor to many children and parents. Sandra was always more concerned with more than just making sure swimmers were technically correct. She concentrated on the whole person; ensuring swimmers (and parents) competed in the right spirit and became better people through their involvement with swimming. This trophy is to honour and encourage Sandra’s ethics and lessons gained from her caring and passionate nature.

3. Other awards may become available from time to time depending on sponsorship and donations. Criteria for such awards will be decided by the Committee and will be published under News Items on the Club’s website

4. Medals will be awarded in each age group to the boy and girl swimmer who achieved 1st, 2nd and 3rd in a Club Championship event, with the exception that when the swimmers are 15 and over a cash award will be given in lieu of medals. The cash amount will be determined by the Management Committee.

5. All perpetual trophies shall be returned to a Committee member:

  • (a) Summer Season – by the end of February

  • (b) Winter Season – by the end of September



1. Parents/Guardians of swimmers are encouraged to join the Club as a non-swimmer with Swimming New South Wales.

2. Members of the Management Committee and the Registrar and Referees will have their capitation paid by the Club. Membership is to be paid upfront on-line using the Members Portal at and members referred to in this paragraph will be reimbursed by the Club on application.



1. A date will be advertised in the season’s programme for these to be held. A programme of events will be available towards the date and advertised on the Club’s website

2. There shall be separate championship events for Boys and Girls. Awards will apply to 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each event. All championship events shall be conducted under the rules of Swimming NSW in the presence of a club nominated referee.


3. Age for championships will be the age at the date of the championship meet (where the meet is held on one day) of age as at the date of the first day (if the meet is held over more than one day).


4. All members are invited to swim at Club Championships regardless of membership category or eligibility for awards.


5. To be eligible to compete for awards in Club Championships, swimmers must be financial and must swim at a minimum of not less than 50% of Club nights not including Club Championships and in accordance with clauses 2, 3, 4 and 5 of 100% Attendance.


6. Second claim swimmers are not eligible for point score awards, Club Championships or Club records.


7. Rule 5 will be waived:


  1. for swimmers unable to meet the eligibility requirements due to AIS, Australian or State representative commitments.

  2. in the case of swimmers joining as members during a season, provided that they swim in accordance with clause 2 of 100% attendance at not less than 50% of Club nights from their date of joining and provided that such date is not less than 4 weeks prior to Club Championship.


8. Club Championship entries will be on approved forms which will be posted on the Club’s website A fee, as determined by the Management Committee, per race should accompany the completed form which is to be placed in the race entry box not less than two weeks before the first championship meet. Late entries may be accepted, but a late entry fee (as determined from time to time by the Management Committee) will apply.

9. The club champion in each age group for each of boys and girls will be the swimmer in that age group awarded the most points from Club Championship events using the following point score
























10. Seeding for Club Championships will be based on Club times.


1. In the event of club cancellation prior to events starting (eg in case of electrical storm or unforseen circumstance) all swimmers will receive attendance

2. In event of club being cancelled once underway (due to electrical storm or unforseen circumstance) all swimmers present will receive attendance. Swimmers attending need to give their name to a Committee Member before leaving the Centre.


1. After completion of Winter State Age Championships in each year the Management Committee will select a squad comprising those members expected to qualify in the National Age team. Squad members and their parents/guardians shall form a committee to raise funds to finance the proposed team.

2. The selection of a team to represent the Club at National Age Championships will be made on the following basis:

(a) In order to enable the Club to negotiate the most economic fares and accommodation, teams will be selected immediately after the conclusion of Summer State.

(b) Selection will be determined by a meeting of the Management Committee acting on the advice of the Race Secretary and Head Coach.

(c) Relay teams will only be entered by the Club where at least two members of the proposed team have already qualified to represent the Club at the same meet in sprint events and where the other proposed members are within 0.5 seconds of the qualifying time for that stroke and distance or within 1.0 seconds where the nearest distance is 100 metres.

3. Swimmers who qualify for selection between the selection date of the team and the closing date for entries may be added to the team.


1. The amount of any subsidy will be as determined by the Management Committee.

2. To be eligible for a subsidy for Summer or Winter National Age/Open Championships, a swimmer must compete at those championships and must meet the eligibility criteria of paragraph 5 of Club Championships above.

3. National Championships. Should a swimmer qualify and swim at both Age and Open National Championships, then only one subsidy will apply in that particular season as nominated by the swimmer unless otherwise determined by the Management Committee.

4. A swimmer eligible for a subsidy under the provisions of paragraph 3 above is entitled to the appropriate subsidy each season.

5. No subsidy is payable where the Championships in 2 above are held in Sydney unless the Management Committee resolves that the Club team will be accommodated for the duration of the Championships.

6. To be eligible for any subsidy a swimmer must be fully financial and an active member for two consecutive and complete seasons. Note:

(a) ‘Active’ means in accordance with paragraph 5 of Club Championships

(b) A lapse in active membership shall result in the swimmer having to requalify for subsidy in terms of this paragraph.

(c) Paragraph 2 will be waived in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 7 (a) of the Club Championship eligibility.

7. Travel subsidies are provided under the following terms and conditions, notwithstanding any of the above rules:

(a) Swimmers must travel and be accommodated with the team at all times until released by the appointed manager/coach.

(b) Swimmers are required to attend all sessions unless excused by the manager/coach.

(c) Swimmers will not receive a subsidy where performance or behaviour is reported on adversely by the manager/coach and after a full report is received by the Management Committee, which will consult fully with the swimmer and/or the representative. Parents may stay at the same venue but in order to qualify for subsidy, the swimmer must stay with the team.

8. In the event that the Management Committee resolves to pay the subsidy in advance of the Championships, the parents of those swimmers receiving subsidy will be required to acknowledge in writing that the subsidy is being paid conditional upon the swimmer complying with paragraph 8 above and undertaking to refund within 30 days of demand being made any subsidy to the Club in the event that the Management Committee decides that the swimmer has breached any of the conditions. In accepting the subsidy the parent acknowledges that the Management Committee shall be the sole arbitrator in determining whether any condition of subsidy has been breached.


The selection of Club Captains shall be made before National Age Championships and shall be appointed by the Head Coach, subject to the endorsement of the Club’s Management Committee. The Club Captains shall hold their position until the following National Age Championships. Each Captain will be presented with a Captain’s Badge and have their name engraved on the current Captains Trophies.


1. Members of Club attend a number of carnivals throughout the year. These carnivals cater for all levels and ages of swimming. Please check the Club’s website for a list of suggested carnivals. Other carnivals can be found at the website of NSW Swimming or Swimming Metro South East Area (MetSEA)

2. There are detailed instructions on how to enter carnivals at under the Carnival Entry Instructions tab.

3. Entry cards must be placed in the Race Entry box located next to the Spin Room on the left hand side of Sutherland Leisure Centre’s entry foyer.

4. All entries must be placed into the Race Entry box 14 days prior to the advertised closing date for the carnival.

5. The preferred method of payment for entry into Carnivals is by direct deposit to SLC Aquadot Race Entry Account No. BSB 062 136 Account No: 28004858. Please put the swimmer's surname and a brief description of the Carnival Name in the Deposit Transfer so we can identify the deposit. No Cash.


Any decision/discussion or points of controversy not covered by the current Rules of SLC Aquadot Swim Team Incorporated shall be decided by the Management Committee. Any decision or interpretation made by the Committee will be circulated to the relevant members.